Clinical Cases

Here we show you the various types of patients who have come to our clinics and how their treatment worked out.

Antonio V.   (12 years old)

On Antonio’s mouth there was not enough space for upper teeth. This lack of space blocked…

Carlota R.   (7 years old)

This patient had the problem of open bite (a misalignment in which upper and lower…

Mª del Mar   (20 years old)

The first time Mª del Mar visited us, she told us…

Belén R.   (7 years old)

Belen’s problem is a typical case of interceptive orthodontics. When she came for the first…

Rosa L.   (26 years old)

Rosa did not have enough space for the upper and inner teeth and had incorrect position of…

Luis F.   (11 years old)

In the same way as Luis, we place first space maintainers and we take advantage of…