Clarity™ SL. Self-Ligating Ceramic Brackets

Clarity™ SL brackets are pretty and comfortable.
Clarity™ SL brackets are self-ligating, so they don’t need the rubber bands the archwires are normally attached with. Instead, the arches are held by a clever clip system. But that’s not all, as they are made from ceramic material, Clarity™ SL brackets are much less noticeable than metal ones.

Pretty: Your natural tooth colour shines through.
Clarity™ SL brackets are made of see-through high-tech ceramic material. This means they let your natural tooth colour shine through and are almost undetectable in your mouth.

Sail through most of your orthodontist appointments
The arches of the Clarity™ SL brackets are held by a clever clip system just like the SmartClip™ SL3 brackets. This way, your orthodontist can change the arches faster – which can shorten treatment appointments.

Brushing is plain easy
A clean solution: Self-ligating brackets simplify tooth brushing and brace-cleaning because they don’t use rubber bands.

Gentle treatment and nice to wear
Clarity™ SL brackets are nice to wear. Why? Because they nudge your teeth gently to the right position with light forces. So these brackets are really nice to wear and engineered to move your teeth quickly. Sounds great, doesn’t it?