Teenagers: everybody with brackets

It is about 11 or 12 years old, when the final permanent dentition appears, that the treatment of most orthodontic problems can be started. This is the most common age in which patients start to wear brackets. These are the main reasons:

On the one hand, we can take advantage of some milk teeth in this period to gain space for the anterior teeth.

On the other hand, this very active phase of growth allows an orthopaedic treatment of the jaw. Finally, the early appearance of all permanent teeth will allows us to correct them completely in a continuous and constant way.

The only counter-indication of the orthodontic treatment refers to osseous abnormalities and skeletal problems, which need orthognathic surgery. In order to correct these problems and prevent them from reappearing, it is advisable to wait for the end of the growth, around adulthood. We are at the moment when more and more teenagers will wear brackets, mainly fixed (brackets) of either metal or ceramic material depending on the age and the specific needs of the treatment.