• ortodoncia invisible malaga

    ortodoncia invisible malaga

  • ortodoncia lingual malaga

    ortodoncia lingual malaga

  • ortodoncia sistema Incognito

    ortodoncia sistema Incognito

  • Sistemas de ortodoncia invisibles

    Sistemas de ortodoncia invisibles

  • Brackets internos

    Brackets internos

  • Ortodoncia interna invisible

    Ortodoncia interna invisible

The fixed invisible orthodontics

The new Lingual Technique “Incognito” is a type of orthodontics completely invisible and highly aesthetic because it is placed itself on the inner surface of the teeth.
It is the ideal alternative for adult patients who do not wish to show the brackets during the space of time the treatment lasts, and would like their working and social life not to be changed at all.
Now, with invisible or Lingual Orthodontics, it is possible to solve the problems of the incorrect position of the teeth without harming the aesthetic appearance at all.
Unlike the conventional techniques, this new orthodontic technique makes the appliances show completely invisible before everybody’s eyes, and an attractive smile can be shown throughout the treatment.
So the Lingual Orthodontics is a new alternative which allow us to solve the problems of the incorrect position of teeth without leaving aesthetics aside. Thus, a beautiful smile on a healthy mouth is obtained at any age.

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