Dr. Leandro Fernández
Dr. Leandro Fernández curriculum

Dr Fernandez was born in Malaga in 1970. He qualified as a dentist at the University of Granada in 1993. He is Orthodontics specialist from the University of Valencia (1997), and he completed his PhD in Dentistry at this same university in 2003. He currently practices as an exclusive orthodontist in Malaga where he has been working with reduced-friction brackets since 1997, and he has exclusively worked with low friction techniques with self-ligating brackets and MBT technique since 2003.

Dr Fernandez’s research interests have focused on the bracket bonding, clinical application of aesthetic brackets, combined orthodontic-dental implants treatments, clinical handling of low friction systems and self-ligation . Nowadays he collaborates on the clinical development of Smartclip and Clarity SL systems .

He has presented publications, papers to conferences and courses at an international level about these topics. Since 2007 he has worked as an assistant lecturer of the postgraduate degrees of Orthodontics at the University of Valencia and the International University of Catalonia.
In 2008 he started to work with Incognito lingual appliances and during 2010 he attended a unique continuous training program on this technique in Bad Essen (Germany) given by Dr Wiechmann, the inventor of the system.

Since October 2010 he has given Certification courses in Spain and Europe. From 2012 he is co-headmaster and lecturer in the Master of Lingual Orthodontics with Incognito System of the University of Valencia. He also gives refresher and advanced courses on Incognito System at all levels for orthodontists and courses on “Teamwork with Incognito System” for orthodontists and dental nurses in Spain, rest of Europe, the Middle East and South America.

Due to the high amount of Incognito cases, at the Clinic Dr Leandro Fernandez you can personally know the perfect everyday integration of treatments with Smartclip/Clarity SL self-ligating brackets and cases of Incognito lingual Orthodontics, in a simultaneous and coordinated way.

Dr Fernandez is an active member of the Spanish Society of Orthodontics, the Spanish Association of Orthodontists, the American Association of Orthodontist, the European Orthodontics Society, and the World Federation of Orthodontist.

He is university professor of Orthodontics Masters at the following universities:

Likewise he obtained the certificates to use Inviflex, Invisaligninvisible appliances, and Incognito lingual orthodontics..

Has received the 2010 Scientific Merit Medal of the Malaga Dental Council.