3º Módulo del Curso de Ortodoncia Lingual con el Sistema Incognito

3º Módulo del Curso de Ortodoncia Lingual con el Sistema Incognito

Posted by Ortodoncia Especializada in Área profesional, Destacados, Noticias 25 May 2012

Dr Catherine Galletti and Coralie Fauquet-Roure with the working group of the Master.The 3rd module of the Course of Lingual Orthodontics with the Incognito System took place in Valencia on the 24th and 25th of May. On this occasion the students and the teaching staff had the chance to be visited by Dr Catherine Galleti and Dr Coralie Fauquet-Roure from France. These extremely famous doctors at an international level have a clinic in Paris and they worked with Dr Wiechmann for a long time. They received extensive training and skills from him to use this personalized system of lingual orthodontics.

The list of topics that they explained was extensive and their strong point was that they were very careful in the way they treated each of their cases, as well as the perfection to finish their cases. During the lecture they gave, they spoke about both non-extraction treatments and class II treatments, and the use of micro-screws. Likewise, they presented some concepts about the use of the expansion to handle the anterior teeth and they taught us to open space for incisors when necessary. They also have a very important handling of the stripping and knowledge about mechanics when it comes to explaining for example the differences and applications of the ribbon arch against the edgewise bracket.

Finally, they also told us about the vertical problems and the treatment of chirurgical cases. As we can see, it is a very ambitious programme which stunned us all.

As working is not everything, after her clinical success, we all went out to dinner with them at the hotel Westin, in Valencia. The dinner managed to rise such illustrious guests, by the way.

We are looking forward to seeing them again in October!!!

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Dr Coralie Fauquet-Roure giving her lecture.The guest doctors working with patients.The guest doctors working with patients II.The guest doctors, working group of the Master & Dr. Leandro Fernández.Dr. Catherine Galletti, Dr. Leandro Fernández & Dr. Coralie Fauquet-Roure.Picture group before the Master’s dinner in the guest doctors’ honour.

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