Clinical Cases

Mª del Mar M.   (20 years old)

The first time Mª del Mar visited us, she told us she had the teeth “rather crooked” and she was worried about the prominence and asymmetry of her jaw.

The orthodontic treatment for this type of osseous and skeletal problems needs to be combined with maxillofacial surgery (orthognathic).
In this way, after studying the case with the surgeon, we suggested Mª del Mar carrying out a maxillary advance and mandibular centring surgery after the orthodontic initial phase for one year. The next final orthodontic phase would last around six months.

Thanks to this combined treatment all the goals we planned were achieved, not only solving teeth’s problems, but also the facial aesthetic alterations.

Mª del Mar does not live in Malaga because of work but she keeps coming to visit us and check her retainers every summer.