“Incognito: cambiando la ortodoncia”. Colegio de Dentistas de Málaga

“Incognito: cambiando la ortodoncia”. Colegio de Dentistas de Málaga

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Dr Leandro Fernandez giving the clinical session.On the 28th of April 2011 Dr Leandro Fernandez gave a Clinical Session in the Dental Association of Malaga. The session was about Incognito Lingual technique and it was called: “Incognito: changing the orthodontics”. In this session he explained the technical features of the Incognito lingual technique comparing them with other cosmetic orthodontic options, such as transparent orthodontic aligners or ceramic braces (conventional and selfligated). He compared them on both cosmetic and clinical levels, analysing the results that can be obtained with each option.
Also, he spoke in detail about the manufacturing and development of this sort of braces. The Incognito braces are made-to-measure designed to every patient, 100% personalised. This type of design also has some advantages regarding precision and comfort which were shown to the attendants by Dr Fernandez. Finally, he presented clinical cases and told both the diagnosis and the differences about the treatment with this technique. As a matter of interest, one female doctor who attended had been a patient of Leandro Fernandez and had worn Incognito lingual braces, spoke aloud about her experience as a patient. It was a curious and pleasant coincidence.
1 / 2   Dr Leandro Fernandez giving the clinical session.
2/2  Incognito: changing orthodontics

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Incognito: changing orthodontics.

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