Curso en el Colegio de Dentistas de Sevilla.

Curso en el Colegio de Dentistas de Sevilla.

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Dr Blanca Loscertales, organizer of the event and Dr Leandro Fernandez.Dr Fernandez started to explain the concepts of binding and notching in a very didactic way, and the different factors which affect these and that can be modified for its control during orthodontic treatments. He carried on clarifying the difference between self-ligating brackets and low friction systems (which become often confused) and he explained the pros and cons of both of them, as well as the selective use of the friction and different clinical situations in which it is necessary that this friction is high. All this was documented with a thorough bibliographic revision.

After the morning session, that was obviously theoretical, he described the SmartclipTM and Clarity SLTM self-ligating brackets system: the different components and its variations, its clinical handling and the solving of the problems we can come across at the clinic. In order to illustrate the exposed sliding mechanism, he presented numerous cases to show how the low friction systems have a wide range of instructions and they mustn’t be only used for non-extraction treatments (with overexpansion and protrusion archwire), but also in extraction cases, without modifying the profile of the patients. He finished his exhibition summarising this mechanics and archwire sequence he proposes.

The Governing Body thanked Dr Fernandez for his participation in the Scientific Programme of the Dental Association of Seville.

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